Bocce Schedules


Awesome Umps.

That are as knowledgeable about the rules of Bocce as they are versed in making sure you have a great time. Believe it or not we are experts on organized, good times, out on the turf!

League Details

Social Experience.

The game extends past the past the diamond and into the Sponsor Bar. Comeback organizes legendary Pre-Season Nights highlighted by Free Appetizers and Near Free Drinks! We’ve also been known to play games at some big-time Venues!

League Details

Serious Fun.

Each of our Famous Bocce Leagues Include a surprise event for you and your team. The past list includes Sumo Suits, Slip and Slides, Free Bbq’s, Live Bands, and who knows maybe a Celebrity Appearance!

League Details

We encourage ridiculous team outfits, cheering sections, and friendly rivalvries. The bottom line is, this sport is all about FUN! There is no age limit for bocce, you only have to be 18 or older and 21+ for the post game experience. If you are worried about your skillz on the the turf or you’re new to bocce, then sign up for our Rookie league. But when it comes down to it, Its BOCCE! Anyone can do it!

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